Authors: Fukumori, Ichiro; Wang, Ou; Fenty, Ian; Forget, Gael; Heimbach, Patrick; Ponte, Rui M.


Version 4 Release 3 (V4r3), covering the period 1992-2015, represents ECCO's latest ocean state estimate. This product is an updated edition to that described by Forget et al. (2015, Geosci. Model Dev.). Version 4 is the first multi-decadal ECCO estimate that is truly global, including the Arctic Ocean. The Release 3 edition includes improvements in time-period (1992-2015), model (e.g., sea-ice), observations (e.g., GRACE, Aquarius), and constraints (e.g., correlated errors).

[Image at right]Speed (cm/s) of 1992-2015 time-mean current at 5m depth. The figure combines into a global image, V4r3's thirteen tiles, each a 90-by-90 grid delineated by white lines.

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Period: Jan 1992 - Dec 2015
Grid & Resolution: LLC90 (1 deg)
Domain: Global
Variable: Ocean State (temperature, salinity, velocity, sea level, bottom pressure), Fluxes (temperature, salt, volume)
Temporal Resolution: Monthly, Daily, Hourly
Data Used: Satellite Altimetry, ARGO, GRACE, Aquarius, CTD, XBT
Type of Estimation: Adjoint
Data Format(s): NetCDF, Binary
Version: Release 3
Contact Person: Ian Fenty, Ichiro Fukumori, Ou Wang
Last Updated Date: October 15, 2017


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Fukumori, I., O. Wang, I. Fenty, G. Forget, P. Heimbach, and R. M. Ponte, 2017: ECCO Version 4 Release 3,, doi:1721.1/110380. Available at

Forget, G., J.-M. Campin, P. Heimbach, C. N. Hill, R. M. Ponte, and C. Wunsch, 2015: ECCO version 4: an integrated framework for non-linear inverse modeling and global ocean state estimation. Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 3071-3104, doi:10.5194/gmd-8-3071-2015

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Technical Reference

ECCO-v4-Py: A Python toolbox and tutorial for using the ECCO v4 output

Synopsis of V4r3 estimation

Overview of V4r3 files

Plots of V4r3

Data used in V4r3

Calculating budgets with V4r3 output

Reproducing V4r3 results with MITgcm

gcmfaces: A Matlab toolbox for V4r3 and other gridded Earth variables


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